Dr. Wei Li's Laboratory
Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University

Dr. Wei Li's laboratory was founded in 2004 at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 2015, Dr. Li's lab was moved to Beijing Children's Hospital (BCH), Capital Medical University (CMU). Dr. Li's lab is mainly focused on the field of Lysosomal Trafficking.

(1) To study the molecular and cellular mechanism of lysosomal trafficking pathways involved in the biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles and the modulation of signal transduction by integrating state-of-art technologies in Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Proteomics, Genetics, Neurobiology, and Systems Biology.

(2) Translational research: a) gene identification of disease causative genes by using mouse mutants or Chinese pedigrees; b) gene diagnosis and genetic counseling of albinsim and inherited diseases.

Dr. Li's lab provides research resources such as freely accessed database (HPSD), online genetic education and genetic counseling (CGCN, 中国遗传咨询网), an online pedigree drawing tool (PediDraw), a text-mining tool for human protein-protein interactions (PPI Finder), and a mutation conversion tool from cDNA to protein (MutConv).