Welcome to Use Our MutConv Tool!

Input Window
Please put in the original cDNA strand:
  1. The appeared letters should be only 'A', 'T', 'G', 'C', which are case-insensitive.
  2. Extra number or space is allowed but no other symbols.
  3. When the translation does not stop at the original stop site, longer sequence than the original ORF has to be put into.

Describe the mutation in cDNA:
Mutation description must follow the following rules:
  1. Substitution, e.g. "c.2A>T;" represents that 'A' at cDNA position 2 is substituted to "T";
  2. Deletion, describe it as either of the following example:
    • "c.2_4del;" represents that the nucleotides at position 2, 3, 4 are deleted;
    • "c.3del;" represents that the nucleotide at position 3 is deleted;
    [The substitution and deletion position can be from 1 to the length of the original cDNA.]
  3. Insertion, e.g. "c.3insATC;" represents that 'ATC' are inserted after the 3rd position;
    [The insertion position can be from 0 to the length of the original cDNA.]
  4. Each item of mutation description must be followed by ';'
  5. For complex mutations, if both deletion and insertion occur in the description, make sure the deletion position and insertion position do not overlap. Otherwise, we do not ensure correct results. For example, if "ATGCAGC..." is mutated to "AGCTCAGC...", describe as "c.2T>G;c.3G>C;c.3insT;" other than "c.2_3del;c.1insGCT;"